All the ways to watch college football in Ireland

Rivalry. Cheerleaders. Marching Bands. School Spirit. These are just some of the things that make college football great.  And week one of the CFP certainly did not disappoint. Penn State eked out an overtime win against an unranked opponent, while Notre Dame claimed a home win over their Rivals Michigan. With more and more Irish American football fans now opting to support a college team as well as an NFL one, there is growing demand for ways to watch. And while college games are not as widely available as the NFL, there are still ways and means. Read on to find out more…

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Penn State won in overtime 

BT Sports ESPN

Does anyone remember ESPN America?  Formally free with Sky Sports, ESPN America aired “College Gameday” (ESPN’s College Football Pregame show) followed by three choice matchups.  I have fond memories of being pasted to the couch for 12 hours straight on a Saturday, soaking up all the College football I could get. Those were heady days.  ESPN America is now BT Sports ESPN, and funnily enough, you need to pay an extra subscription to your Sky Sports package to watch. As irksome as this is, College Football is being broadcast in Ireland and that in itself is huge.

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College Gameday is one of the best pre game sports shows in America.

ESPN College Pass

If you’re more than a casual college fan then the ESPN Player may be for you. With the ESPN NCAA College pass you get access to every game that ESPN has the rights to broadcast. And according to their website, that’s over 700 per season.  The monthly pass start’s at €22 per month and you can get a 7 day free trial here.  The Annual pass also gives you access to the SEC Network, ESPN U, as well as a number of added benefits. And you won’t need a VPN  to watch

Streaming Sites

Let us preface this section by saying that in no way shape or form do we condone illegal streaming sites. Now that we’ve covered ourselves, we can unofficially recommend First Row Sports as the best of a fairly poor bunch. You really have to get lucky to get a decent stream, and you can be sure that it will cut out several times. We’d also recommend having a pop up blocker installed, otherwise you’ll be plagued.  Streaming anything can be a bit hit or miss, so if you’re serious about your college football it is most definitely worthwhile investing in Sky or ESPN online.

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College football is for the diehards 

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