About Us

Gaelic Gridiron was inspired by the desire to provide a uniquely Irish perspective on America’s favourite sport.  We aim to offer a fresh take on the carry on in the NFL as well as the burgeoning American Football scene in Europe.

At Gaelic Gridiron, we are obsessed with all things American Football. Football is not just a game, it’s a culture and a way of life.

Over the years we have developed to become the biggest American Football site in Ireland, producing weekly posts on a huge range of topics  – from Shamrock Bowl contenders to the challenges facing college football programs. We’ve expanded our output to podcasts with some of the interesting characters in the football world, and we’re constantly working on new and exciting content & projects.

American football in Ireland is rapidly gaining popularity and we’re committed to promoting the sport here. American football has put Ireland on the map and as the sport and as it grows, we will grow with it!