A Football Fan’s Guide to Surviving the NFL Off Season

The Superbowl Champions are heading to Disneyland, Johnny Manziel is making another comeback and two players have already been arrested for various misdeeds. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the NFL Offseason. The football drought is set to last until early August and NFL fans around the world are going to have to find another way to fill their Sundays. But fear not!  For those of you who just can’t stand to let go, there are some notable events taking place in Football land in the next few months which will hopefully hold you over.

The Combine

In a few days, Americas top college players will converge on Indianapolis for a week long showcase of their football abilities. Contesting a coveted spot on an NFL roster, these young men will be prodded, quizzed and tested in all matter of physical and mental tests. The highlights of the combine are undoubtedly the 40 yard dash and 100kg bench press.  The NFL combine kicks off on the 27th of February and you can watch it live on the NFL website.

nfl combine

The Draft

Undoubtedly the highlight of the offseason, this year’s NFL Draft will take place from April 26th to 28th in the swanky surrounds of Cowboy Stadium.  Many hopeful NFL prospects will learn their fate in the first round, while some will have to wait until day 2 or 3. There have been some surprises in recent history, most notably future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers falling to the midpoint of the first round. There have also been some huge busts. (Sorry Johnny, I really need to stop picking on you in my articles!) This year’s Draft class has some huge QB prospects as well as Penn States own Saquon Barkley. If you’re used to staying up to watch the late game on Sunday nights/Monday mornings then you can watch the Draft live on the NFL website.

nfl draft

Training Camp

After a flurry of preseason activity and free agent moves, teams finally settle down and start playing football again. Training camps usually start in late June/early July and typically last about three weeks. The fresh faced rookies will attempt to make their case for a spot on the team and the established veterans will strive to keep theirs.  Although contact is limited in training camp, real football (well, preseason football) is by now just around the corner.


How do you fill the dreaded NFL Off season and the long months of watching domestic sports? Let us know in the comments!

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