Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule Prediction

After finishing 9-8 last season, due to having to throw Kenny Pickett in the deep end to try and salvage the season, which as a rookie he managed to improve over the later half of the season and ensured we finished with a winning record.

Rolling into this season, carrying that late year momentum finishing strong and having a fantastic draft, the Steelers will look to improve once more. What are the reasonable expectations going into the 2023 season? A playoff win? A AFC Championship appearance or win? A Super Bowl?

A reasonable expectation for 2023 would be to win a playoff game this season.

Week 1: San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers will open the season at home for the first time since 2014! After opening on the road for so long, Steelers fans are rejoicing at the idea of kicking the season off at home! However the home opener isn’t gonna be a easy start for our Pittsburgh Steelers. Coming into town are the 49ers, who would of won the NFC Championship if Purdy did not get hurt.

There are match up nightmares for the Steelers to start the season, Christian McCaffery, Deebo Samuel, Kyle Juszczyk, George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk will all look to spoil our home opener and kill the momentum we’re carrying from the end of last season.

With our improved secondary heading into this season and if the secondary can cover well, then we should see Minkah Fitzpatrick roaming the field more and not having to worry too much about helping out others, he could end up taking up a similar role to Troy Polamalu.

Key Match Ups;

Joey Porter Jr. vs Deebo Samuel – Deebo does not solely line up on the outside, he lines up in the back field, in the slot and everywhere possible. This means at some point Joey Porter Jr will have to cover the 49ers star player at some point and Steelers fans will be watching his performance in great detail.

Steelers Linebackers vs Christian McCaffery & Kyle Juszczyk – As great as our defensive tackles are and not taking anything away from Cam Heyward, there will be run that will get past the defensive tackles and this is where our Linebackers will be tested. Can Quincy Roche, Mark Robinson, Cole Holcomb and Nick Herbig contain McCaffery & Juszczyk from breaking into the secondary?

Broderick Jones vs Nick Bosa – What a test for our 1st round pick, having to face off against a premier pass rusher in his first NFL start! The success of our game will solely feel like its on the shoulders of Jones as he tries to hold off Bosa from reaching Pickett.

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 2: Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

A Divisional game in Week 2! The Brown’s play to wear their all white uniforms against the Steelers during this game. The Colour Rush uniforms should be worn in this game to really set the contrast.

Nick Chubb deserves the respect to match his talent, he can blow up running defences and break big runs off with ease, and the Browns down have a strong offensive line to contend with. For the second week our new secondary will be tested by Elijah Moore, Peoples-Jones and Cooper who can easily stretch the field and burn defensive backs.

We are going to see our offensive line tested by both Myles Garrett and Za’Darius Smith and if they can contain these two and keep the pressure off Pickett then you should see big games by Pickens and Johnson. It will also give Harris and Warren the ability to set the tone with their hard running game.

Key Match Ups;

TJ Watt & Alex Highsmith vs the Brown’s Offensive Line – Steelers fans are going to expect the moon from Highsmith due to his big contract and with Watt taking double teams, he will be expected to beat the Brown’s impressive offensive linemen and sack Watson at least three times in this game!

Broderick Jones vs Myles Garrett – All eyes will once again be on our 1st round pick as he will have to content with an extremely talented pass rusher in Garrett, it will be slightly easier than facing Bosa last week but back to back weeks facing premier pass rushers will give the fans and the league a view at what kinda player Jones will be going forward.

Cam Heyward, Larry Ogunjobi & Keeanu Benton vs Browns Offensive Line – The Steelers defensive line is a big improvement over last year. Gone ae the days of Cam Heyward being the only player making tackles up front, now with Larry and Keeanu added to the mix we should see these guys getting into the back field more frequently as the Browns Offensive Line will have to content with Highsmith, Watt, Heyward, Ogunjobi/Benton.

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 3: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Las Vegas Raiders

The Steelers hit the road and head out to Las Vegas to take on our historical rivals, da Raiders! Will the Raiders have Jimmy G up to speed and will he be a threat under centre?

Davante Adams, Jakobi Meyers & Hunter Renfrow will challenge our secondary as you have to respect the pass catching ability of Adams regardless of who is throwing him the ball, add in Josh Jacobs (if he’s still a Raider by kick-off) and the Steelers defence will face another team stacked with premier players to challenge them.

The Steelers offensive will have a favourable match up against the Raiders who finished 29th in pass defence last season. Pickens and Freiermuth will cause match up issues for the Raiders secondary and both should see big games in Week 3.

Key Match Ups;

Broderick Jones vs Maxx Crosby – For the third week in a row, Jones will face off against a premier pass rusher. After his performances against Bosa and Garrett, fans, coaches, media will all be carefully watching this match up to see how Jones handles a third superstar.

Kenny Pickett vs Raiders Secondary – The Raider secondary had only 6 interceptions last season, Pickett should be able to throw against secondary and use his many player makers to pick them apart and have himself a huge game!

Jimmy G vs Steelers Secondary – Our rebuilt secondary should be able to shut down Jimmy G, while Jimmy is a decent Quarterback, the talent in our secondary this season should see multiple picks this week by our secondary.

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 4: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Texans

Staying on the road the Steelers will roll into Houston to face the Texans. A team that has drastically changed since last season with their draft picks with C.J Stroud (#2) and Will Anderson Jr. (#3).

While on paper the Texans team might look pedestrian and Steelers fans might be over confident in this match up, we have a habit of struggling or losing “trap games” and this match up definitely feels like a trap game! The Steelers defence will be facing a Quarterback with no professional tape so they will have to watch his college highlights and our offensive line will be in a similar situation with Will Anderson Jr. they cannot assume it will be an easy day!

Key Match Ups;

Steelers Secondary vs C.J. Stroud – A rookie Quarterback facing Minkah Fitzpatrick, Patrick Peterson, Joey Porter Jr and co. On paper Fitzpatrick and Peterson should feast against this Texans passing game and Porter Jr. should get to show case his talents, however Stroud’s mobility could cause issues and force our secondary to hold coverage longer as he scrambles away from Watt & Co.

Najee Harris vs Texans Linebackers – This will be an interesting match up, if Najee comes into this game hot and our offensive line can open gaps for him, Najee should be able to gain huge chunks of yards against the Texans linebackers.

T.J. Watt & Alex Highsmith vs. C.J. Stroud – This will be a key match up to watch, while Watt and Highsmith have experience containing mobile Quarterbacks (Lamar Jackson) it will be key to watch their performance against the young speedster. All signs point to the rookie getting sacked frequently by Watt & Highsmith.

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 5: Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Divisional football is the best kinda football! And Steelers vs Raven is another beast altogether. The Ravens will be looking to hand the Steelers their first loss of the year at home.

Jackson, Dobbins, Edwards and Andrews, will be able to prepare Beckham Jr, Flowers and Agholor for what Steelers/Ravens week means. While the Ravens have added significantly to their offensive arsenal it all comes down to whether Jackson can stay healthy or not. This is something the Steelers will be preparing for all week leading to this game, the escape artist that is Lamar Jackson.

Key Match Ups;

Joey Porter Jr vs Zay Flowers/Mark Andrews – This will be a huge challenge for Joey Porter Jr., as Mark Andrews alone is a challenge for some of the best defensive backs in the league so if Porter lines up against him faces will be watching this battle with huge interest. Then we have Zay Flowers, who Porter will more than likely end up covering a lot if they are both on the field. This match up will only breath more life into the Steelers/Ravens rivalry as whoever wins the match up will give fans bragging rights!

Broderick Jones vs Ravens – Broderick Jones is nasty, he’s a big rough and tough player and is suited for a rivalry game like this! So it will be great to see how he handles himself against the Ravens defensive front and how physical he will get with them within the rules, no flags please!

Kenny Pickett vs Ravens Secondary – Pickett came back and beat the Ravens at home last season with a beautiful pass to Najee Harris to seal the win for Pittsburgh. One year on and with more experience and more reps as the starter, look for Pickett to try and emulate his performance and better it

Win, Loss or Tie: Loss

Week 6: Bye

The Steelers have a history of coming off the Bye Week slow and looking like they lost all momentum, hopefully this is a trend they can change in 2023. An early Bye Week can help the team correct any issues they have seen during the start of the season but a later Bye Week can help with a playoff push as it helps players get healthy!

Week 7: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Rams

The Steelers fly into LA following the Bye Week to face a Rams team that didn’t impress last season, finishing 5-12 on the year and struggling on all fronts. The Rams are a team that hasn’t had a 1st round pick in years and you can tell it based on their performances.

The Steelers main challenge here will be shutting down Cooper Kupp and Cam Akers. If Matthew Stafford is healthy shutting down Kupp will be a challenge for the Steelers secondary however Stafford is an injury prone Quarterback and the Steelers pass rushers could make his day a tough one!

Key Match Ups;

Cooper Kupp vs Steelers Secondary – As mentioned above, Kupp deserves respect and the Steelers secondary will need to ensure they lock him down all game. If the can manage this then Stafford will have to lean heavy on his other receivers allowing Minkah Fitzpatrick to play shallower and not have to worry about Kupp getting into the deep third of the field

Najee Harris & Jaylen Warren vs the Rams Linebackers – This game could be the one where we see both Najee and Warren rushing for 100 yards or more each. Once the Steelers establish the 1-2 punch of Harris and Warren, the Rams will have a tough time stopping them

Kenny Pickett vs Rams Secondary – Ramsey is gone, traded away. He was there top corner and had the most interceptions on the team last season at four. Look for Pickett to test the Rams secondary early and often especially with deep shots to Pickens!

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 8: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers

These Jaguars have teeth! They made a late run last season and ended up in the playoffs, everything just synced up for them and now they will face off against the Steelers.

Without a doubt this will be a tough match up for the Steelers defensive unit, with guys like Travis Etienne, Evan Engram, Calvin Ridley, & Trevor Lawrence under centre this game will be a hard nosed fight to the finish. The Jaguars out the league on notice last season and if Lawrence continues his play from a year ago, these Jaguars could be going back to the playoffs.

Key Match Ups;

Travis Etienne vs Steelers Linebackers – When an explosive running back faces the Steelers, the biggest question mark will be our Linebackers. Can they stop someone as talented and explosive as Etienne, this match up will have Steelers fans worried all game.

Calvin Ridley vs Steelers Secondary – Calvin Ridley is back, and the Steelers secondary will have a challenge containing him. A dynamic player like Ridley will see him line up inside, outside and even in the backfield. The Steelers will have to take what they learned from playing against Deebo of the 49ers and apply it here

Pat Freiermuth & Darnell Washington vs Jaguars Linebackers – This could be a huge game for the Tigh End combo. If the the Steelers can keep pace and go blow for blow with the Jaguars, MUUUUTH and Washington should have career days.

Win, Loss or Tie: Loss

Week 9: Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers

When the Titans come to town, who will be their Quarterback? Will Tannehill still be the starter or will Willis or Levis replaced him by this point in the season? Whoever is under centre will be a challenge for the Steelers as all three are uniquely talented.

The Titans will be looking to establish the ground game and get Derek Henry chewing up the Steelers for huge gains so they can take advantage of their newest weapon, DeAndre Hopkins! Once again the Steelers defensive unit will have a challenging game with the Titans superstars.

Key Match Ups;

Peter Skoronski vs Steelers Defensive Front – Depending whether Skoronski ends up as Tackle or Guard he will be in for a challenging day. Facing the likes of Cam Heyward, TJ Watt or Alex Highsmith is going to be a challenge for the rookie. The Steelers should capitalise on this match up every snap

Derek Henry vs Steelers Linebackers – Another stud running back and another challenge for the Steelers LB corps. This might be their greatest challenge at this point in the season. Henry is an angry runner and not easily brought down, our Linebackers will have to play like the Steelers of the 70s to shut down Henry

George Pickens vs Titans Secondary – While Diontae Johnson might be our number one WR, Pickens is more than ready to challenge for that title and this game could cement his claim to that title. As long as Pickens doesn’t drop a pass and makes big gains after the catch, not only will he supplant Johnson as the number one WR in many fans eyes but he’ll also have a career game!

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 10: Green Bay Packers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay is over, it’s time for Jordan Love to show what he’s got and he’ll be facing a Steelers defence who tied 1st in Interceptions in 2022.

On paper the Packers team does not look like they should cause the Steelers too much hassle in this match up, which means this has all the hallmarks of a classic trap game. This kinda game is borderline kryptonite for the Steelers. The Packers will be hoping their 1st round pick can cause havoc in the Steelers back field and our defence will be looking to make Jordan loves visit to Pittsburgh one he would want to forget!

Key Match Ups;

Freiermuth, Washington, & Gentry vs Packers Defence – In this game at this stage in the season the Steelers should have established their two tight end set pieces and used them effectively against other teams. Against the Packers should be extra interesting as they the secondary of the Packers isn’t at “superstar” level, so we should see all tight ends excel.

Calvin Austin III vs Green Bay Kick Return Unit – Now that Calvin Austin is healthy and working his way through training camp, expect to see him as the primary kick returner for the season. The Packers gave up a total of 1406 return yards last season, the worst in the league. Fans will be expecting Austin to break some big plays off at kick off and maybe even a return or two for a score.

Connor Heyward vs Green Bay Packers Linebackers – Heyward will be the starting full back for the Steelers in 2023 and in this game he should be able to showcase his excellent blocking skills as he paves the way for Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren. With Heyward leading the way our running backs should have a big game!

Win, Loss, or Tie: Win

Week 11: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns

The Brown’s is the Brown’s! The second meeting will see the Steelers continue their dominance over the Cleveland Browns and the Steelers will be looking to sweep the Browns with a win.

There should be a lot learned from the week two match up and our offensive line should be even stronger at this point in the season. Broderick Jones will be expected to perform at an inhuman level against Myles Garrett in this match up. The Steelers rush defence should be clicking at this point in the season so Nick Chubb may struggle.

Key Match Ups;

Myles Garret vs Broderick Jones – Round two! Joes vs Garrett will be seen for years to come and will be picked apart by experts and fans after every meet up. As good as Garrett is at this stage in the season, the big nasty player that Jones was in college will be on full display and will be holding his own against Garrett. Look for Jones to keep Garrett from recording a sack in this game!

Nick Herbig vs Nick Chubb – Nick vs Nick! Herbig should establish himself as a powerful run stopper by this point in the season and will get the chance to put these skills on display against one of the leagues best running backs. If they meet in the gap, expect Herbig to win that head to head 90% of the time.

Joey Porter Jr. vs Amari Cooper – If Porter develops as most expect you should see him as a consistent starter by this game and a true number one cornerback. If this is the case he will be put against the Brown’s number one receiver in Cooper, this match up will be one to watch as Cooper lines up outside, inside and in the slot, so it will be interesting to see if Porter follows or passes him off, either way this should be a match up that will have Steelers fans talking about all week leading up to the game.

Win, Loss, or Tie: Win

Week 12: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Depending how serious the Joe Burrow calf injury is, the Bengals will be starting off the season on the wrong foot and will be looking to lure the Steelers into Paycor Stadium to deliver a statement beat down.

If Joe Burrow is healthy and playing this game, expect the always dangerous Bengals passing attack to be on full display, this will see Burrow purpose testing the Steelers rebuilt secondary looking to pick it apart. This will be another AFC North classic, a shootout more than a slug fest of old but it will be an exciting match up this late in the season.

Key Match Ups;

Tyler Boyd, Ja’Marr Chase & Tee Higgins vs Steelers Secondary – This could be seen by many as the first true test of the Steelers rebuilt secondary. Peterson, Porter Jr, Fitzpatrick, Trice Jr, Neal and Kazsee will have their work cut out for them facing the Bengals explosive pass catchers for the fist time in 2023. If the Bengals come out and toast the Steelers secondary there will be a lot of questions going forward!

Steelers Defensive Line vs Bengals Offensive Line – The battle will be won in the trenches, Heyward, Ogunjobi, Benton, Highsmith and Watt will all be looking to stop Burrow or whoever is under centre in this game as it has the hallmarks to be a shoot out and if they can disrupt the Quarterback they can win. However the Bengals Offensive Line is nothing to be disregarded, this will be the most important match up in this game.

Kenny Pickett vs Joe Burrow – If Joe Burrow is healthy and playing this game, it will be a shoot out. This will see many looking for Pickett to hang with Burrow in a shoot out and come out on top as well. If Pickett has a second year explosion then look for him to hang with Burrow in a shoot out regardless of Matt Canada’s play calling!

Win, Loss or Tie: Loss

Week 13: Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Will Kyler Murray be healthy enough to play the way he used to and cause the Steelers defence to account for his rushing ability every down or will we see a limited Murray or even someone else leading the Cardinals offense since Murray’s durability is in question.

The Cardinals have shored up their offensive line to try protect Murray and their rookie tackle (Paris Johnson Jr.) will have his work cut out for him facing the Steelers defensive front. It’s a homecoming for James Conner as he returns to Pittsburgh, the former Pitt Panther and Steeler will face the team who drafted him, to face his old team mates and remind them how dangerous he can be.

Key Match Ups;

James Conner vs the Steelers Defence – James Conner stepped up and filled the void left by Bell, he trained against the Steelers defence and knows how tough they can be and how stopping the rush is a mark of pride. Now Conner will have to actually face the Steelers defence and while he can be an explosive back, the Steelers defence is not gonna allow a former team mate to show them up!

Kyler Murray vs Steelers Linebackers – Will we run with a spy linebacker when Kyler Murray comes to town? If so who will take that responsibility and who can shut down Murray if he does take off? That is the big question, can out linebacker corps contain the elusive Murray. This matchup might make or break the game for the Steelers.

Darnell Washington vs Cardinals Redzone Defence – In 2023 the Cardinals allowed a redzone touchdown 65.2% of the time. This is a perfect match up for Darnell Washington, the rookie tight ends size and pass catching ability would be a nightmare match up for the Cardinals defence. Washington should have a big game especially in the redzone.

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Week 14: New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Will this be the last time that Bill Belichick faces off against the Steelers? All I know is that Steelers fans like myself need to continue to beat the Patriots to exorcise the past difficult losses they handed use under the Tom Brady era.

Mac Jones struggled last season but still managed to beat the Steelers but this season the Steelers have improved overall on all fronts so this match up should not be the same outcome this season. The Patriots defence has always been a difficult beast for the Steelers to defeat.

Key Match Ups;

Christian Gonzalez vs George Pickens & Dionate Johnson – The Patriots 1st round draft pick will have his work cut out for him facing Pickens and Johnson. This match up will be closely watched by all as if our receivers can make the Patriots 1st rounder look bad, it will make the trade that allowed us to get Broderick Jones even sweeter!

JuJu Smith-Schuster vs Steelers Secondary – Another week and another former Steelers offensive player returning to face his teammates. JuJu loved the Steelers however some fans did not take to him but he was a tough player and has his explosive moments. The secondary is not gonna allow JuJu to have a happy homecoming and look for them to shut him down early and often.

Kenny Pickett vs Patriots Secondary – This is the Kenny Pickett show, last year Mitch Trubisky was under centre against the Patriots secondary and he couldn’t get it done. Now with the rise of Pickett and his huge improvement in training camp should see Pickett perform much better against the Patriots.

Win, Loss or Tie: Loss

Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts

The Steelers head on down to Indianapolis to face the Colts and possibly another rookie Quarterback, with the buzz surrounding Anthony Richardson it would be hard not to imagine him facing the Steelers.

Johnathan Taylor (if he’s still a Colt and injury free) will be another huge test for our run defence especially this late into the season when players will be possibly notching up minor injuries. If the buzz around Richardson is the real deal then Taylor will allow the Colts to open up the passing game and provide opportunities for the likes of Mo Alie-Cox and Michael Pittman to put pressure on the Steelers secondary.

Key Matchups;

Herbig, Holcomb, Robinson & Alexander vs Johnathan Taylor – If Johnathan Taylor makes any kind of breakout run up the middle and gets by our defensive tackles, it will be up to our still new linebacker corps to stop on of the NFL’s most explosive backs from breaking into the secondary. While this group will have been tested frequently in the season already, facing a dynamic back like Taylor this late into the season is a big test for this group and one to watch closely as the playoff picture develops.

Anthony Robinson vs Minkah Fitzpatrick – The rookie vs one of the best to play the position. At this stage in the season if our secondary is performing as expected, then Minkah will have more freedom to roam (like Polamalu) and it will be an interesting match up to watch. Will the rookie try and face down Fitzpatrick? More than likely he will try to avoid him but Fitzpatrick will make Robinson have a mistake filled day in this match up!

Kenny Pickett vs Colts Secondary – This late in the season Pickett should be able to carve apart most secondary’s in the league by utilising the play action to make defences respect the dangerous 1-2 punch of Harris and Warren. With this in mind Pickett should have a career day against the Colts secondary with the weapons available to him, Steelers Nation would love nothing more than to see Kenny get red hot in the passing game as the playoffs approach.

Win, Loss, Tie: Win

Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The week 12 rematch is here and the Steelers are ready to defend their home from the invading Bengals. They will be looking to extract revenge against the Bengals following their week 12 loss in Cincinnati.

As with the week 12 match up, expect another explosive shootout as Pickett and Burrow will once again go head to head in a high important match up with playoff implications!

Key Matchups;

Tyler Boyd, Ja’Marr Chase & Tee Higgins vs Steelers Secondary – A rematch, there will be more than pride on the line but serious playoff implications and division title implications as well. The secondary should have greatly improved since the first meet up and be up for the challenge against the Bengals explosive passing attack. Look for Fitzpatrick, Peterson or Porter to try make a statement play right out of the gates to set the tone!

Steelers Defensive Line vs Bengals Offensive Line – The battle will be won in the trenches once again, this will be the ugliest match up of the year as the Bengals and Steelers lines will be feeling the season at this point and tempers will be on a short fuse. Heyward will be the difference maker in this match up, watch for him to dominate the Bengals line and cause chaos for Burrow.

Kenny Pickett vs Joe Burrow – Once again these two young Quarterbacks will have the pressure of a shoot out on their shoulders but now there will be the added pressure of the division title race and playoff seeding implications as well. At this point in the season I would forsee Pickett getting the better of Burrow in the shootout as the Steelers offensive weapons get hot heading into the final weeks of the season!

Win, Loss, Tie: Win

Week 17: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Seattle Seahawks

The resurgent Geno Smith and the Seahawks will host the Steelers this week and this game coming so late in the season will be a must win for the Steelers against a Seahawks team that cannot be underestimated.

The defence will have their work cut out for them having to deal with DK Metcalf, Kenneth Walker, Noah Fant, Tyler Lockett and Geno Smith and the offense will be tested by the Seattle defence, who are already being called the “Legion of Boom 2.0“, not an easy final stretch for the Steelers!

Key Matchups;

DK Metcalf & Tyler Lockett vs Patrick Peterson, Joey Porter Jr, & MInkah Fitzpatrick – Metcalf is a menace to cover, with his speed and strength he regular challenges even the best corners and safeties in the league and with Tyler Locketts speed and route running the Steelers secondary will have to be on point to stop these two from running up the score. You’d have to figure that Minkah will help double Metcalf during this match up.

Cam Heyward vs Kenneth Walker – Cam will have to meet Walker in the gap and hit him hard as often as possible to make the Seahawks reconsider running up the gut. This shouldn’t be a problem for Heyward as he’s regularly causing chaos in the backfield. If he can do this throughout the game, it will force Walker outside to face Highsmith and Watt!

TJ Watt & Alex Highsmith vs Geno Smith – Our two stud pass rushers should aim to make Geno Smiths day hell on earth. If they can keep constant pressure on him and keep him in the pocket then they will force him into mistakes and hopefully rack up a few sacks!

Win, Loss, Tie: Loss

Week 18: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

The rematch and possibly the decider for the AFC North title and a huge impact of playoff seeding for the entire AFC. The Steelers travel to Baltimore to once again face the Ravens at home and hoping to replicate the same outcome as their last game in Baltimore with a last minute win!

Jackson, Dobbins, Edwards, Andrews, Beckham Jr, Flowers and Agholor will once again match up against the Steelers defence and while it was Week 5 when they last met, the loss from that match up will still be raw for the Steelers and their fans!

Key Match Ups;

Joey Porter Jr vs Zay Flowers/Mark Andrews – Joey Porter Jr., will get another chance to prove himself against Mark Andrews and Zay Flowers, building off their last match up Porters game should have improved after basically a complete season and this match up will all him to show case what he has learned and built on from Week 5 and give Steelers fans an insight into his development.

Broderick Jones vs Ravens – At this stage in the season, Jones should be entrenched as the starter and should be able to showcase his talents to the fullest in not only a classic rivalry but a game with huge importance for the Steelers rolling into the playoffs and for the possible division title! Watch for Jones to give up zero sacks in this game!

Kenny Pickett vs Ravens Secondary – Pickett and fourth quarter comebacks are a trend that is starting and like Roethlisberger’s come backs, long may this trend continue for Pickett. He bested the Ravens secondary in the final months of their second match up last season but in this game look for Pickett to make a statement and put the game out of the Ravens reach by the fourth quarter!

Win, Loss or Tie: Win

Parting Thoughts:

And there we have it, the way I believe the Steelers schedule will pan out for them based on the available talent and talent drafted and signed during the off season. Is 12-5 a realistic record, yes, based on Picketts run at the back half of last season bringing the Steelers to 9-8, the idea that the Steelers can pick up three more wins than last season isn’t a crazy idea especially when facing the AFC South and NFC West.

Will 12-5 get them into the playoffs? Who knows in the AFC which is stacked with talented teams but I believe the Steelers will get into the playoffs and win at least one playoff game this season. While most want a Super Bowl, and I want a seventh Lombardy too, I don’t believe that it will occur this season.

However Steelers, please feel free to prove me wrong!

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