NFL 2023 Power Rankings

The 2023 NFL Draft is finished, we’ve seen trades, players dropping further than experts thought and the future of the NFL. As teams now focus on the upcoming OTAs, training camp, rookie contracts and any dramatic hold-outs, we will take a look at where each team standings in our first power rankings of 2023!

1. Kansas City ChiefsDraft Grade: C+
The defending Super Bowl Champions are sitting pretty a top the power rankings. Any team wanting to get the number one spot here will have to beat the Chiefs and do it convincingly, heck it might even take a team knocking them out of the playoffs or beating them in the Super Bowl before they lose their crown as the team to beat!

The Chiefs had an average draft, their 1st round pick was an edge rusher Felix Anudike-Uzomah which is a position they need depth at and how could the Chiefs resist drafting a local kid from Kansas State?

The rest of their picks were average at best and purely added depth to an existing explosive roster. The key though is as long as Mahome’s is healthy, the Chiefs are going to win games.
2. Philadelphia EaglesDraft Grade: A
The Eagles are looking up at the team that beat them in the Super Bowl and they desperately want to get back there and win! They addresses this two fold, they locked up Hurts with a big contract and they drafted extremely well.

Jalen Carter was a steal at ninth and the Eagles defensive line will ensure Carter remains focused and does not let any of the negative character concerns effect his ability to play. They made sure they picked up another Georgia defensive player, clearly addressing the issue they faced against the Chiefs, putting pressure on Mahomes.

The Giants and Cowboys will have a tough task dethroning the Eagles this season and possibly for the foreseeable future…

The Eagles are coming for the Chiefs crown!
3. Cincinnati BengalsDraft Grade: B-
The Bengals addressed pass rush with their first pick selecting Myles Murphy in the draft, he will see a lot of third down snaps early and often! They need to be able to generate pressure and Murphy helps them here, you may notice that a lot of teams are putting heavy focus on defence to try and stop the Chiefs repeating.

While the question for the Bengals at this time is surrounding Mixon’s status due to off the field issues the Bengals addressed the running back position in the draft by picking up Chase Brown who will without a doubt see a high number of snaps from the get go.

However out of all the divisions, the AFC North (followed closely by the AFC South) that seems to be the division that overall got a lot better via the draft. The Bengals may have tough competition for the AFC North Title this season!
4. Buffalo BillsDraft Grade: B+
The Bills went our and secured Allen a new target, Dalton Kincaid (Tight End) will make sure the Bills offense is near impossible to defend against. As a defensive co-ordinator how do you defend against, Diggs, Knox, Davis, Cook and Kincaid if they’re all on the field at once?

The Bills have gone down the route of offensive arms race with the goal to just outscore all their opponents on their run for the Super Bowl. With the talent they have on offence the Bills cannot waste it and miss the Super Bowl window (like the Killer B’s in Pittsburgh) the time is now for the Bills to make the push!

The Bills Mafia can only break so many tables before their spirit breaks, the window for the Bills to make the Super Bowl won’t be open forever…
5. San Francisco 49ersDraft Grade: C
The 49ers had an average draft, nothing exciting and nothing awful but they didn’t have much in the way of draft capital due to the trades involving Trey Lance and Christian McCaffery, which meant they were stuck waiting till round three before their first pick.

The 49ers lost to the Eagles as they were effectively playing with ten players on offense due to the Purdy injury. This will be the most interesting story for 49ers faithful, is the future with Brock Purdy or Trey Lance? And will the NFL allow the return of the emergency Quarterback?

Who will get them to the Super Bowl, based on recent experience Purdy is the best option here, depending on his injury healing. The 49ers are currently the only NFC team who can challenge the Eagles so they need to address the Quarterback situation sooner than later.
6. Dallas CowboysDraft Grade: C
The Cowboys made the playoffs, they gave their fans hope for a Super Bowl run and they needed to make a splash in the draft to continue that momentum.

They however had an average draft, while they did manage to address their defensive line heading into 2023 season by drafting Mazi Smith, the first defensive lineman drafted in the first round by the Cowboys since 1991 as this was something they sorely needed as they had issues stopping the run in the 2022 season. However it still feels like the Cowboys are still missing pieces to beat the NFC powerhouses around them.

The Cowboys find themselves in a division where the only team they are guaranteed to beat are the Commanders as the NFC East looks like it might come down to the final weeks of the season to determine who the division champion will be! If they can build on the success of last season then the Cowboys might once again make the playoffs.
7. Jacksonville JaguarsDraft Grade: C-
The Jags had thirteen picks in the 2023 draft but most of them were in the later rounds and while the draft grade is average, they did manage to round out the depth of their roster and build on their existing success they found late in the season.

Their first round pick Anton Harrison might see the field as a starter sooner than expected due to the looming suspension of Cam Robinson their Left Tackle. While filling in for Robinson, Harrison will have to help keep Lawrence upright and create holes for the Jags running game, which if it keeps the same explosiveness as the latter half of the 2022 season, then the Jaguars are poised to try repeat as division champions.

It is not crazy to think we’ll see the Jaguars make another playoff run, perhaps deeper than most will consider!
8. Miami DolphinsDraft Grade: C-
The Dolphins found themselves without a first round pick in the 2023 draft due to League disciple handed down to them and thus forced them out of the first round and out of contention for any of the top offensive lineman in this years draft. Tua needs protection if the Dolphins are going to content for the division let alone in the playoffs.

They went for a defensive back with their first pick with Cam Smith which makes sense when you consider their opponents this year now include not only Josh Allen (x2) and Mac Jones (x2) but also now include Aaron Rodgers (x2)!

Protect Tua (for the love of God!), this is key for the Dolphins, if they want to remain in the top ten teams in the leave and an AFC team to beat their offensive line need to be prepared to stop someone of the leagues best pass rushers!
9. Detroit LionsDraft Grade: B
The Lions decided to put the NFC North on notice by the end of the 2022 season, not only did they show off an impressive offense and defence but they made sure to keep the Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs, that’s how you put the boot to a division rival!

The moment the Lions drafted Jahmyer Gibbs at twelfth overall, Lions fan’s knew Swift’s days in Detroit were numbered and it didn’t take long for them to trade him to the Eagles during day three of the draft. The Lions are not following the modern trend of not drafting a running back in the first round and by taking the 199lbs Gibbs they are looking to have a bruising rushing attack heading into the 2023 season.

But the Lions, inside the top ten? Yes they impressed in the latter half of the season and they are deserving of the spot, if they continue with last seasons momentum don’t be surprised to see them climb these rankings.
10. Baltimore RavensDraft Grade: B
Ravens fans were wondering if they’d have to consider drafting a Quarterback in the 2023 draft but Jackson and the Ravens worked out a deal and the former MVP is under centre in Baltimore for the foreseeable future.

Jackson is such a dynamic player and the Ravens built around this for the draft by drafting Zay Flowers to give Lamar another explosive target to throw to! Some experts see Flowers as “vintage Antonio Brown” let’s hope vintage in playmaking ability only! The Ravens offensive roster is now stacked and there should be no excuse for not making the playoffs at the very minimum.

The AFC North is shaping up to be a very competitive division once again following this draft and the Ravens now with Lamar are absolutely a top ten team in the NFL.
11. New York JetsDraft Grade: C+
The New York Packers, sorry the Green Bay Jets, no but seriously the New York Jets have Aaron Rodgers but it did cost them two first round picks which knocked them out of contention for a top offensive lineman which is badly needed and then they had the Pittsburgh Steelers leapfrog them to steal the last remaining top tier offensive lineman.

A lot of experts have the Jets in the top ten, even the top five due to Aaron Rodgers, but remember the same thing was said about Denver and Wilson at the start of last season. So we will sit back and wait to see if the Jets can actually make the leap to a top ten team, especially in a highly competitive AFC and a hotly contested AFC East.

The Jets have gone all in, will this bring them to the Super Bowl, while Rodgers has been there before only time will tell if this Jets team is good enough to get there or not, right now they are possibly a playoff team at most.
12. Seattle SeahawksDraft Grade: A-
Geno Smith is the answer, not many would of thought that in the wake of Russell Wilson leaving that he would be the answer under centre but the Seahawks believe in him enough to give him an extension. The trade for Wilson gave the Seahawks the ability to score big in the 2023 draft and grabbing Devon Witherspoon at Cornerback can be seen by many as Pete Carroll’s attempt at creating Legion of Boom 2.0.

While the Seahawks were a surprise addition to the playoffs last season don’t count them out again this year. The defence got an influx of talent in the draft and if Geno Smith plays the same or better this season they will make the dance once again.
13. Los Angeles ChargersDraft Grade: C+
The Chargers, stuck in the division with the Chiefs and because of this are in an arms race with them to become the division champions and eventually make the Super Bowl. They made the playoffs as a wild card in an extremely tight AFC playoff picture and then they met the Jaguars. Just as quickly as they entered the game they were sent home by a rallying Jaguars team.

The Chargers recognise they need to be able to outscore their opponents just as much as they need to be able to stop them and this is why they grabbed Quentin Johnston in the first round. He might have concerns around his drop rate but he’s a deep speedy thread that Herbert needs to help stretch the field and in the second round they grabbed an insurance policy in case Bosa gets injured again.

In a highly competitive AFC the Chargers can easily get lost in the shuffle, Herbert and Co. need to come out and make this season a statement season.
14. Pittsburgh SteelersDraft Grade: A
The Pittsburgh Steelers made all the right moves in the off season and during the draft to address the two biggest concerns, their offensive line and their secondary. Leapfrogging the Jets to grab Broderick Jones thanks to a trade with New England and then drafting Joey Porter Jr was seen by many as a fantastic start the their draft in 2023.

Roethlisberger played his last snap on January 3rd 2022 and many thought the Steelers were in for many rebuilding years. Then came Kenny Pickett, George Pickens and the new generation of Steelers and once again they finished with a winning record, although they missed the playoffs the team showed how dangerous they could be!

Now that the offensive line and secondary have been addressed, expectations are high and the AFC North title at the very least, is on the minds of Steeler Nation.
15. Minnesota VikingsDraft Grade: D
The Vikings draft wasn’t anything to write home about for most fans. They picked up Jordan Addison in the first round which when paired opposite Justin Jefferson might cause teams match up headaches, that is if Addison can thrive outside of the slot and become a true WR2.

The Vikings left Deonte Banks on the board when they picked Addison which means they are confident in their starting secondary (even if they did draft for their secondary in the next two rounds) which sends a signal to their division, they are looking to win via shootout.

The NFC North may not look too competitive now that Aaron Rodgers has left, but the Vikings still need to be able to handle the emerging Lions and with Cousins in the final year of his contract, it’s clear the Vikings are in win now mode.
16. New York GiantsDraft Grade: B
The Giants succeeded in keeping both Jones and Barkley, however Barkley isn’t happy with the franchise tag so we may see a sit out by the workhouse running back, this is something the Giants addressed by drafting Eric Grey in the fifth round.

The Giants managed to draft Deonte Banks thanks to the Vikings passing on him, which they need to ensure they can keep pace with the Eagles as they need to get revenge for the 38-7 beat down the Eagles handed them in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

An immediate upgrade for their secondary with Banks and badly needed, the Giants are still looking up at the Eagles. Unless Barkley plays all season and Jones upgrades him game from last season, there will be another beat down by their division rivals sooner than later…
17. New England PatriotsDraft Grade: B-
The Patriots traded with the Steelers in the 2023 draft, not something either fan base ever expected but when they realised it was to ensure the Jets didn’t get the player they wanted, it all made sense.

The Patriots added Christian Gonzalez at Cornerback, thanks to the Commanders passing on him, in the first round. This is addressing the need at secondary and will give them a boost in a division that now boasts Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers! The outcome of their draft was solid and they made sure to follow the “Patriots Way” of drafting players which is picking up highly athletic players and addressing special teams in the draft.

Rolling into 2023 season Mac Jones and Co now have to compete with the passing attacks of Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers and Tua Tagovailoa. While Mac Jones is a solid passer the question will remain, can he win a shootout with the names above before you even consider other Quarterbacks outside his division.
18. New Orleans SaintsDraft Grade: C+
The Saints found themselves in the worst division in football last season, no one finished with a winning record, but they are looking to improve their standing going into the 2023 season. They addressed their front seven with the first two picks in the draft picking up Bryan Bresee and Isaiah Foskey. This will help the Saints pressure the Quarterback, with Bryce Young & Desmond Ridder in their division they need to make sure they can get pressure as often as possible.

They also secured insurance by drafting Kendre Miller to back up Alvin Kamara and will look to get back to ground and pound football in a division that is up in the air for any of these teams in the NFC South.

Unless Bryce Young crashes and burns during his rookie season the Saints are in a strong position to win or end up second in the division in 2023.
19. Green Bay PackersDraft Grade: B-
The Aaron Rodgers era has come to an end, it’s now Jordan Love’s team to run. While the NFC North teams are celebrating the end of the Rodgers era, the Packers had an impressive draft with thirteen total picks in 2023.

They clearly want to make the transition from Rodgers to Love as easy as possible for Love and drafted two Tight Ends (Luke Musgrave & Tucker Kraft) and a Wide Receiver (Jayden Reed) in rounds two and three, effectively giving Love safety values to dump the ball to as he gets used to the full time starting role.

Drafting Lukas Van Ness in the first, the Packers are looking to develop another stud defensive player over the next few seasons, however unless Love goes out an is impressive from the get go, the Packers might find themselves playing catch up to the Lions and Vikings by mid season!
20. Los Angeles RamsDraft Grade: C
While the Rams did not find themselves with a first round pick this year (now the seventh straight year), they got an absolute steal in the fourth round by drafting Stetson Bennett (QB Georgia). While the team is Matt Stafford’s for the moment, Bennett could quickly supplant Stafford during the season due to injury or underperformance.

The Rams did focus on anchoring their offensive line with Steve Avila, their first pick and then all their other picks have the feeling of throwing darts at the draft board and hoping they get some hits. With the 49ers and Seahawks greatly improving, the Rams need to hope the pass rushers they drafted can step up as Aaron Donald can’t do it all himself every snap.

In such a competitive division it will take a miracle for the Rams to finish higher than third again.
21. Las Vegas RaidersDraft Grade: B-
Derek Carr is a Raider no more, this is now Jimmy G’s team!

Maxx Crosby got a new pass rushing mate in Tyree Wilson. These two should cause chaos up front and terrorise opposing Quarterbacks early and often.

The Raiders are in a tough division, you have the defending Super Bowl Champs and you have the explosive Chargers to compete with, the Broncos still might not be a concern for the Silver & Black though but they still are faced with a tough challenge to even make the playoffs, let alone win the division.

Building out their defence seemed to be the priority but giving Jimmy G would of benefitted from a new lineman to protect him though. Picking up Aidan O’Connell (Quarterback, Purdue) as a backup will give the Raiders a fighting chance in the 2023 division.
22. Atlanta FalconsDraft Grade: B
The Falcons finished last in the NFC South at 7-10 (tying with the Panthers and Saints) and losing the chance of winning the division to the Buccaneers who finished 8-9. The bar to win this division has been set low for the 2023 season!

Desmond Ridder is the Falcons franchise Quarterback, this is echoed by the front office and strengthened by their decision to draft Bijan Robinson with their first pick, giving Ridder a stud Running Back who can also be a dynamic pass catcher out of the back field. Pairing Robinson along side Allgeier gives the Falcons a two headed rush attack that will be difficult to stop.

This division might very well come down to the Falcons and Panthers and the Falcons are in a strong position to win the division, even in a better division than the Panthers as Ridder is not a rookie and Bryce Young could have a slow start getting up to NFL speed.
23. Tennessee TitansDraft Grade: C+
The Titans ended the free fall of Will Levis, they traded up eight spots in the second round to draft the Kentucky Quarterback, while Levis was projected for the first round he fell to the second, possible due to a poor final season in college. The Titans have their heir to Tannehill as Levis is already seen by many to unseat Malik Willis as QB2 in Tennessee.

The Titans also drafted a stud lineman in the first round, picking Peter Skoronski who will help keep Tannehill standing and open holes for Derek Henry and the rushing game.

They finished second in the division behind a surging Jaguars team and look to compete for the division title this season however they not only have to deal with the Jaguars but it looks like the Colts might have finally addressed their Quarterback needs and the Texans are set for the future.

The AFC South could become the most interesting and competitive division in the entire NFL in 2023.
24. Carolina PanthersDraft Grade: C+
Was there ever a doubt that the Panthers would draft Bryce Young with the first overall pick in the 2023 draft? If they passed on him I think Panthers fans would of stormed the stadium!

While there are concerns around his slight frame and long term durability, Young is the Panthers starting Quarterback and all eyes will be on him come week one of the season. Young and the Panthers do have the positive that the NFC South division bar is set low, and it’s so low it will be won by either Youngs Panthers or Ridders Falcons, the Saints and Buccaneers will slug it out for third and fourth.

Will Bryce Young break Cam Newton’s records in Carolina? That is definitely going to be a big story going into the season and as we know, nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, so while Young is a talented Quarterback, currently the Panthers don’t have the explosive weapons to help him, get ready Panthers fans, your team is about to put under the national microscope come week one.
25. Cleveland BrownsDraft Grade: B-
The Brown’s is the Brown’s as the saying goes, they had to sit out the first two rounds of the draft due to their trade for Watson and watch all the other AFC North teams get strong with key first and second round picks.

Will a full season with Watson under the centre finally elevate the Brown’s from the basement of the AFC North? Only time will tell but as of right now, the basement is where they will stay. The Brown’s defensive line has been bullied by opposing teams rushing attack for a hot minute and they drafted Siaki Ika to try help anchor their defensive front to put an end to this while also drafting a back up for Myles Garret, McGuire who’s frame and speed can help when Garret is off the field.

They did draft a Quarterback, Dorian Thompson-Robinson (UCLA) and now have four Quarterbacks and might end up holding onto three of them by the start of the season. The Brown’s are lagging behind the other AFC North teams but now they have a full season with Watson, let’s see if gambling the future of the franchise was worth it or not…
26. Chicago BearsDraft Grade: B+
The Bears traded down in the draft to ninth with the Panthers and then again down to tenth with the Eagles. They ended up drafting Darnell Wright for their offensive line and letting the Eagles take Jalen Carter which will be monitored and “what if’d” for years to come. Wright helps the Bears offensive line which was in poor shape causing Fields to make more plays with his legs than he needed.

The Bears finished last in the NFC North but they were still celebrating cause Aaron Rodgers is no longer in their conference let alone division. While Rodgers is gone, the emerging Lions and dangerous Vikings are still there willing to keep the Bears down!

The Packers and Bears rivalry will continue and the Bears addressed their defensive line and secondary later in the draft and you know Jordan Love will be trying to keep winning in Solider Field but the Bears will be looking to exercise the demon spirit of the Packers as soon as possible!
27. Indianapolis ColtsDraft Grade: A-
They entered the draft with twelve picks and the Colts walked away with a great draft class, which included Anthony Richardson, the Florida Quarterback even with a small sample size from college film the Colts seen something in him to draft him number four in the 2023 draft. Have the Colts found their franchise Quarterback, finally replacing Manning and Luck?

The Colts did also pick up Josh Downs which many experts are already comparing to TY Hilton which if accurate is a huge help to a rookie Quarterback!

The AFC South might end up being the most interesting and tightly contested division in the 2023 season, every team has improved greatly during the 2022 season, during the offseason and the draft. While only one team in the division finished with a winning record in 2022, this season it might be a dog fight for the division title!
28. Denver BroncosDraft Grade: C
Let’s ride… right into the second round (due to trade) of the 2023 draft because the Russell Wilson and Sean Payton trades ensured the Broncos had zero first round picks and only five total picks in the 2020 draft.

Their first pick in the draft was for Marvin Mims Jr, a Wide Receiver which is an interesting selection considering the talent they already have at the position. However they possible got a steal in the sixth round with JL Skinner, the Safety couldn’t work out pre-draft due to a chest injury which caused him to drop in the draft and allowed the Broncos to grab him.

By virtue of having both Russell Wilson and Sean Payton, Broncos fans should expect a massive improvement over the awful season they had in 2022, many thinking the Seahawks fooled them into the trade for a Wilson who is well past his prime, however don’t write him off just yet!

Sean Payton should bring him around for the 2023 season but if there is a repeat, then the Seahawks did pull of the trade heist of the ages!
29. Houston TexansDraft Grade: A-
The Houston Texans made a splash in the 2023 draft, they picked up C.J. Stroud at number two but weren’t finished there, they traded their number twelve and number thirty three over all picks in the 2023 draft and a first round and third round in 2024 to the Arizona Cardinals to get the number three over all pick which allowed them to draft Will Anderson Jr!

The Texans have a franchise Quarterback and Edge Rusher rolling into the 2023 season and before the celebration even ended Stroud told the Texans to draft Tank Dell (Wide Receiver, Houston) so the rookie gets an explosive target to start his NFL career!

As said previously in these power rankings, the AFC South is going to be the division to watch this season (no shade against my AFC North) due to the level of talent that was infused. I mean you have CJ Stroud, Anthony Robinson, Ryan Tannehill/Will Levis and Trevor Lawrence going against each other twice in 2023, what’s not to look forward to!?
30. Tampa Bay BuccaneersDraft Grade: C
The Tom Brady era in Tampa Bay is over, Baker Mayfield is the new Quarterback in town or will it be Kyle Trask? Whoever ends up as the starter it will be an adjustment for the Buccaneers, to go from the GOAT to the journeyman Mayfield or the 2021 second round pick Trask, it will be a challenging season at the Quarterback position for Buccaneers fans.

The Buccaneers did draft Calijah Kancey with their first pick in the 2023 draft as they needed to address the defensive line which surprised many as while he is an explosive player, his size might be an issue when going against some of the more powerful and elite guards in the NFL.

They did win the division and made the playoffs (with a losing record) in the worst division in football in 2022 and now find themselves in a situation where the Panthers have Bryce Young, the Falcons added a stud running back and the Saints got stronger on defence, the odds of the Buccaneers repeating as division champions are low, they may find themselves in the basement for a while…
31. Washington CommandersDraft Grade: C
The Dan Snyder era looks like it’s finally coming to an end and Commanders fans have something to celebrate! If the deal is done before the season starts then it can only get better from here on in for Commanders fans!

The Quarterback situation in Washington will be closely watched as it seems that Sam Howell will enter the 2023 season as starter as Taylor Heinicke signed with the Falcons but they did sign Jacoby Brissett as backup, whether he remains backup or not is the question.

The Commanders did address their secondary in the first round of the draft which was much needed, however many are still wondering why they went with Emmanuel Forbes over Christian Gonzalez, something that experts will talk about for years to come!

The Commanders are in for a rough season, its tough to see them finishing anywhere but fourth in their division
32. Arizona CardinalsDraft Grade: B+
Say what you will about Kyler Murray but the Cardinals are trying to build around him and have secured additional capital in the 2024 draft to continue that process.

They picked up Paris Johnson Jr who gets to play for the same franchise as his father as is pencilled in as an immediate start, this will give Kyler Murray more protection which was badly needed. Addressing the defensive side of the ball, picking up an explosive pass rusher BJ Ojulari to try and fill the void JJ Watt is leaving which is a big ask of a rookie and they also gave Murray a new target in Michael Wilson.

The Cardinals are only getting better, and they do have a shot at competing for the division title if the level of play takes a huge up turn as they have the talent there. If they don’t improve and look likely to miss the playoffs, look for them to trade DeAndre Hopkins before the deadline for more draft capital.

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