The Scariest Players in Football (Part II)

It’s about time we updated this list with current NFL players. There are some absolute monsters in the league right now, striking fear into the hearts of opposing teams. Who do you think is the scariest player in football? Let us know in the comments!

JJ Watt

Even as he enters the twilight of his career, JJ continues to be a nightmare for Offensive Linemen and Quarterbacks. His 2021 season was cut short due to injury, but there is no doubt he will be resurrected next year and back to his old ways.

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TJ Watt

The highest paid defensive player in football and an absolute freak, TJ loves nothing more than claiming skulls (and sacks.) When he’s not terrorizing left tackles, or small villages, he thoroughly enjoys stuffing the run.

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Myles Garrett

Speaking of freaks, is it any wonder that Garret was drug tested after going with the sleeveless look this season? You better not bad mouth him though, or he’ll bash in your head with your own helmet!

Browns DE Myles Garrett claims he won't wear sleeveless jersey again after  getting drug tested twice -

Aaron Donald

Arguably the best defensive player in the league right now. Donald causes havoc every time he takes the field, and is a threat in the pass and the run. Ironically, he’s supposed to be an absolute gent off the field. But that doesn’t stop him from making this list!

Aaron Donald beat Giants' double team in a split-second

It’s been a while since players with the scare factor of Ray Lewis or Mean Joe Greene have stalked the gridiron.. but we think the guys on this list do a pretty good job of coming close!

You can check out the original list here.

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