Kitted Football Live and Kicking

For the second year running, there is no kitted football league taking place in Ireland.  But the lack of a formal league has not stopped teams across the country from getting together to organise friendly, competitive fixtures over the coming weeks and months. 

Up in Belfast, the 5 time national champions Trojans have lined up games with the neighbouring Craigavon Cowboys, as well as with former Shamrock Bowl semi finalists, the South Dublin Panthers. The Trojans and Panthers were the last two teams to contest a Shamrock Bowl and will be eager to reignite their recent rivalry. 

Staying up north, and it’s already week three of the Donaghy Invitational Cup. The mini tournament is being held between the Donegal/Derry Vipers, the NI Razorbacks, the Causeway Giants and the Antrim Jets. The so called “Nordy Bowl” has produced one of the best touchdowns we’ve ever seen in Irish American football history. Did he break the plane? Check it out for yourself below:

Touchdown or Not???

Not to be outdone, the boys down south are also busy getting in the kitted reps ahead of an anticipated return to normality next spring. The Westmeath Minotaurs will face the Bulldogs, Pirates, Crusaders and Rhinos respectively in the near future. The Minotaurs and Rhinos have been close to making a breakthrough over the past few years and could be a wildcard contender for a playoff spot whenever normal service resumes. 

It’s great to see competitive full contact football making a comeback and we must commend these teams for taking the initiative. Did we miss any games? Drop us a line and let us know!

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